A living space that will suit you


Patrick Geffriaud meets your needs with Interior Design and Landscape Architecture projects. He specializes in the restoration of character buildings as well as in contemporary construction. Guided by you, by the building and what surrounds it, and by his inspiration, he moulds the space and the shapes to let them speak their full meaning. He plays with light, colours and materials to design unabashedly contemporary environments, breathing of smoothness or contrasts, according to your wishes… to create a space with soul, a living space that suits you.

PGA and its staff will meet your needs, from preliminary draft to the implementation phase.

Under-the-roof apartmentpatrickgeffriauddesign-0043 A private mansion
Ultranature-home hut
Flemish farm
1930’s house
A 18th century bourgeois house
A 19th century bourgeois house